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So I asked the same question directly to their customer support live chat This is the chat transcript with the Netflix customer service.

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Is it illegal to watch Netflix using a VPN? The short and easy answer to this question is no. It’s not illegal to watch Netflix using a VPN; however, it is against their company policy. After all, you’re not using the VPN to illegally torrent Netflix content. You’re using it to unblock the content you already paid for.

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Fix Netflix proxy error and watch American  I’m guessing you want to know which VPNs work with Netflix. To save you time, effort, and Does Netflix work with VPN? Many VPNs may say they will work to unblock Netflix, but in reality, most do not. The answer is no, it’s not illegal. Is unblocking Netflix illegal? Using a VPN to stream Netflix isn’t illegal. The streaming service may not like it, but there’s no law forbidding you from doing this. ZenMate is the fastest Netflix VPN. Experience unlimited bandwidth and lightning fast speeds that ensure you'll never  It is not illegal to access Netflix with a VPN service.

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I understand that it is legal for me to do this. but the bbc regularly shuts me down – stating that due to rights issues bbc cannot be watched except in the uk. but it obviously can be, as it is picked up by the uk server and relayed to me. Netflix es la plataforma de contenido multimedia, series, películas y programas más utilizada en la actualidad. El servicio de pago prácticamente está disponible en todo el mundo, pero con una desventaja, y es que no en todos los países podemos ver el 100% de su contenido.Precisamente para aprovechar todo lo que ofrece te enseñamos las mejores VPN para Netflix del mercado. VPN providers are legal in Iran only if they’ve been approved by the government.

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8 Sep 2020 No. It is currently not illegal to watch Netflix using a VPN. The only exception may be in countries where VPNs themselves are restricted, like  27 Oct 2015 Well, it is not illegal to use a VPN to stream Netflix. · First Reason: · Many people use VPNs to browse Netflix because they usually don't have  2 Jul 2020 Using a VPN to stream content is legal, though it may go against the streaming service's terms of use. That said, some countries have restrictions  22 Jul 2020 Legally, no. People commonly mistake using a VPN with Netflix as a form of piracy, but accessing the provider's international catalogs is quite  As long as your VPN is from a reputable VPN provider, it's safe to use VPN to watch Netflix. It's not illegal to do so. Also, using VPNs can increase your online  29 Sep 2020 It is not illegal to use a VPN for Netflix.

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If you know where to look for, you’ll find a few that still do. Looking for a Netflix VPN which actually works? We've listed the 7 Best VPNs for unlocking the Netflix content you want to watch. Unblocking Netflix with a VPN is definitely convenient, but you have to wonder - is it illegal to use a VPN for  After all, you’re not using the VPN to illegally torrent Netflix content.

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The Problem With The VPN Ban. Netflix Ban on VPN to  Using VPN to watch Netflix is not illegal, although it is a well-known fact that Netflix doesn’t Best VPN for Netflix 2021. For a variety of strategic reasons, as well as a plethora of legal agreements, the streaming industry’s leading service blocks their users’ access to content Check out the best VPNs for unblocking American Netflix in 2021, with the best deals on ExpressVPN, PureVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and more. Best VPN for Netflix at June 2020. Compare VPN Offers for Safe Surfing. ⚠️ Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix? If you pay your subscription bill, there is no illegality with using Netflix really made an enemy of VPN users in that they were very adamant on not  The act of downloading illegal content is the illegal part. But with a VPN and Netflix, neither Netflix is actively blocking VPNs from accessing their service.